8th September, 2023

Why are companies choosing ORKA for renewable energy solutions?

Why are companies choosing ORKA for renewable energy solutions?

In North-east Scotland, customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a provider for renewable energy solutions. With a vast list of suppliers available for solar, battery storage and electric vehicle charging solutions, it can be hard to pick the right partner for your business when investing in greener energy sources.

Established in 2022, ORKA has quickly become a leading provider of renewable energy solutions for businesses across Scotland, having already assisted an extensive number of companies across the country and beyond join the transition to cleaner technologies.

With more than a year’s worth of diverse projects and expert solutions delivered, we wanted to look back at the feedback we have received over the past 12 months to outline why companies are choosing to work with ORKA…

We invest in our customer service

We hire the best people to ensure the customer always gets the best results. Each member of the team across our Solar and Electric Vehicle Charging divisions are determined to deliver premium quality solutions to ORKA’s customers, and will never cut corners to do so.

From the point we receive the customer’s initial query, to the date of installation and through to aftercare support, we strive to maintain our attention to detail as well as a clear line of communication with our client to ensure every need and query is met.

Our team will take the time to understand the full scope of your enquiry as well as the solar / EV charging capabilities of your business premises before designing a completely bespoke, energy-efficient solution. Every one of our solar and EV charging solutions are completely tailored to the needs and capabilities of our customer, as we’ll never cram your needs into a one-size-fits-all package.

Karen Pugh from business support organisation, Elevator, highlighted this commitment to customer service when discussing the company’s new EV charging installation:

“We chose ORKA because its proposal was well laid out and it explained how the ongoing operation of the EV chargers would work - the team was incredibly transparent from start to finish.”

Quality solutions

By choosing to collaborate with ORKA for renewable energy solutions, our customers have access to the highest quality equipment and technology, ranging from best-in-class solar photovoltaic panels to the latest EV charger management software.

ORKA isn’t tied to one supplier for EV charging, solar or battery storage services, and instead has access to a vast range of high quality suppliers, meaning our customers can benefit from completely bespoke solutions.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products allows them to get results that can often exceed expectations. For example, one of our current solar panel customers was consuming an average of 674,866 kWh of electricity every year to run its operations, and looked to ORKA for a solar panel solution that would alleviate the impact of rising energy costs.

Using industry-leading technologies, our team designed an efficient system that would produce approximately 70,614 kWh of free electricity for the customer every year. Between 2023 and 2042, the solar panel installation would give the customer estimated savings of £901,467.

Reputable and accredited services

Results like the above is what makes us truly passionate about delivering the best for our customers, and what makes a list of businesses across Aberdeen and beyond continue to work with ORKA time after time.

We’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality and reliable solutions which is why our services have been recognised by esteemed accreditations, such as the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for our solar photovoltaic services.

The MCS accreditation is awarded to companies who showcase rigorous quality and safety standards, which means our customers can be confident that they’ll receive an immense quality of service. Accreditations like this and the status of ORKA has even allowed our customers to have access to certain Government incentives, allowing them to receive additional funding for the installation of renewable energy solutions.

The experience of our team

But it’s not just accreditations that have earned us a strong reputation within the business community - our sister company Kore Solutions has been building our team a good name since 2012. Over the last decade, Kore has been delivering smart building solutions to a wide range of clients across the United Kingdom, including fire and security services, and air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

When establishing the new renewable energy division in 2022, Managing Director Duncan Booth and his team took all their learnings and expertise garnered over the last 10 years and implemented them into the creation of ORKA to ensure the same level of quality is consistent across both companies.

The knowledge and expertise of our team really makes a difference to our customers. Here’s what a recent solar PV customer had to say about working with ORKA:

“I’ve known Duncan for many years and his reputation and knowledge are something I can trust. Both him and his team were brilliant at answering all my questions as well as explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand.”

The importance of choosing a local provider

Another reason why we have become popular with businesses primarily in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is that many of our customers understand the benefits of working with a local provider for renewable energy solutions.

Local businesses have benefited from ORKA’s knowledge of the regulations and incentives relative to North-east Scotland that many providers outside the area may be unaware of. Furthermore, we have expertise in the best solar panels for Aberdeen’s climate, while our EV charging solutions are backed by data relative to the area.

Are you looking to make sustainable changes to your business?

By choosing to collaborate with ORKA, you’ll benefit from working with a provider that puts customer service first. We care about the results that our customers get from our solar and EV solutions, which is why we’ll never compromise on quality regardless of the size, budget or complexity of the project.

Interested in renewable energy solutions? Get in touch with our team today.