Battery storage systems

Make full use of solar power by storing excess generation for later use, including days where there is inadequate daylight to produce solar energy.

What is battery storage?

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Battery storage greatly improves the efficiency of solar energy systems. While you don’t need battery storage to start generating energy through solar panels, it maximises your return on investment in the long run.

By combining this with your solar PV system, you can store your energy and shift your production times to when you need power, therefore making it possible to fully switch over to renewable energy sources.

Solar PV requires daylight to create a current, which limits its effects in the evening and at night. Household battery systems store excess energy generated during the day, meaning you can use it effectively in the evening and when there simply isn’t enough light available to cover your use. Additionally, you can set the charging time and take advantage of any cheaper night tariffs you may have.

Modern household systems also have an emergency output, which means even during a black-out, you will have energy to keep your lights and central heating on.

The benefits of using battery storage


Maximises the use of solar energy

Stores renewable energy for all hours of the day

Reduces carbon emissions

Lowers electricity and heating costs

Enables battery backed power in case of a power cut

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