Workplace EV charging solution for Elevator

Project: Workplace EV charging solution

Client: Karen Pugh, Director of Property Services at Elevator

Location: Aberdeen

ORKA project lead: Duncan Booth

The project brief

Business support organisation, Elevator, operates a network of commercial premises across the North of Scotland, offering flexible office space for small businesses, training and meeting facilities.

Looking to be ahead of the curve and meet demand for its current and future tenants, Elevator was looking for a workplace EV charging solution for one of its office locations, further supporting its tenants who are transitioning to green sources of energy.

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The solution

To meet Elevator's requirements, we opted for 22kW AC EV Box chargers, supporting the growing demand to make driving electric vehicles more accessible for the end user.

In addition to installing the chargers which offers incredible benefits for Elevator’s tenants, the technology also supports the client in other ways. Each charger features an electric vehicle charge point (EVCP) management system and ours utilise Fuuse software, which helps us provide a flexible platform that can be easily adapted to the client’s needs.

The exterior of the building has a modern looking aesthetic, so we chose the EV Box chargers for not only their proven quality and integration with our software, but because they visually tie in with the premises, adding to the high-end facilities offered by Elevator.

The outcome

By installing EV chargers, Elevator has positioned itself as a forward thinking company, passionate about using cleaner sources of energy. Following positive feedback from its tenants, this now enables the organisation to advertise this offering as an additional benefit for leasing workspace.

The EVCP management software installed within our chargers provides Elevator with usage control, making it completely customisable to the business’ needs. With these controls, Elevator can decide whether to keep the charge points private for its tenants, or make them available for public use, which also increases Elevator’s return on investment as the technology can generate additional revenue. Additionally, if public, the premises is discoverable to other EV drivers through dedicated apps, increasing Elevator’s brand awareness.

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“We chose ORKA because its proposal was well laid out and explained how the ongoing operation of the EV chargers would work. The team was incredibly transparent from start to finish, advising what was involved from a management perspective and made sure we understood what costs were involved as part of the one off installation project and what would be ongoing.

“We hadn’t installed this type of technology before and we weren’t familiar with the process. Duncan made it all very simple and easy, explaining what he needed from us and responded to queries quickly, while keeping ahead of timescale and our business premises neat and tidy.”

- Karen Pugh