Solar PV

A clean, renewable source of energy that is better for the planet, helps you work towards your net zero goals and significantly cuts your energy expenditure.

What is solar power?


Solar power is a 100% clean renewable energy source generated by capturing the natural light from the sun through solar modules. These modules can be installed on rooftops or on the ground and convert sunlight into electricity for your home or building.

Solar generation partners perfectly with battery storage, enabling clean energy use even with inadequate daylight.

The benefits of using solar power


Source of renewable energy

Reduces carbon emissions

Lowers electricity and heating costs (Solar tariff is 0p/kWh)

Leads the transition to net zero

Works with battery storage for 24 hour clean energy supply (subject to capacity)

Why switch to solar power?

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Scotland has set a net-zero goal of 2045. With living costs continuously on the rise and the world facing a climate crisis, switching to renewable energy sources has never been more important.

Not only does this aid the reduction of carbon emissions in line with the nation's target, but it is helping homes and businesses across the world to keep their costs down. Supply chains can significantly impact an organisation's carbon footprint so businesses that focus on working towards net zero targets will appear more attractive to companies choosing suppliers and partners.

Why choose ORKA for solar PV installation?


At ORKA, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality and reliable energy solutions which is why we are proudly accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for our solar PV services.

MCS accredited companies such as ORKA, guarantee rigorous quality and safety standards, ensuring that customers are protected by a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Approved Code of Practice.

For customers looking to qualify for financial incentives such as The Energy Trust free loan or 0% VAT on domestic solar installations, your solar PV installer supplier must be accredited by an MCS-appointed certification body.

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