16th August, 2023

How much money can my company save with solar panels?

How much money can my company save with solar panels?

With the energy crisis continuing to affect companies across the country, it’s no surprise a rapidly rising number are exploring the cost saving opportunities available through renewable energy solutions, including solar panels.

There are an abundance of benefits of investing in solar, from taking advantage of a 0p/kWh tariff to enjoying cost-free electricity for more than 25 years. But how does this actually work, and what do the long-term cost savings look like?

In this blog post, we delve into the figures of one of our current solar panel projects in Aberdeen, to give you insights into potential savings your business could take advantage of…

Project overview

Based in Aberdeen, our client needs to consume an average of 674,866 kWh of electricity every year to run their operations efficiently. The rising costs of energy were consuming more and more of their budget as the months went by, eager to save money while reducing their impact on the environment, the client contacted ORKA for help with this complex challenge.

Our team reviewed their energy requirements and facility, and designed a solar solution we felt best suited their needs, using industry-leading technology. The solar PV set-up we proposed and installed is set to generate approximately 70,614 kWh of free electricity every year for our customer, which equates to 10.46% of their entire electricity consumption.

Projected cost savings

Solar panels investment example

With the data provided from our client, and the recommended solution designed, we can calculate cumulative savings from investing in solar panels. In this real life example, you can see that within just three years, the cost of the system will already be paid back, and the net savings will reach an estimated total of £901,467 from 2023 to 2042. This equates to a total return on investment (ROI) of 1,140%.

These figures speak for themselves, and paint a picture of the opportunity available to your business. Of course there’s an initial outlay to get the system in place, but the savings ramp up rapidly and the total savings available are incredible.

Environmental benefits

In addition to cost savings, there are of course significant environmental benefits to be gained by investing in solar panels too. As solar has no emissions, it generates pure, clean energy, you can prevent significant CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere - and in this specific example for our client in Aberdeen, they are reducing this by 18 tons per year.

Over the lifetime of the solar system, this equates to:

  • 527,065 car KMs avoided

  • 3,388 trees planted

  • 377 long haul flights avoided

With so many companies aiming to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, and launching a range of initiatives to help achieve this, solar panels should be a key consideration due to the potential carbon reducing opportunities it presents.

Solar lifetime savings

What potential cost and environmental savings can your business achieve through solar panels?

The above figures have been shared to show a real life example and the potential cost and environmental benefits your business could achieve through solar panels. However every business and premises is different, so this will vary.

If you were interested in a solar panel solution for your business, we would work with you upfront to determine the estimated savings potential. We gather data such as tariff and consumption levels, assess your premises, and develop a proposed custom solution we feel perfectly meets your needs. Once this is done, we can calculate payback periods, estimated annual savings, estimated net savings over a 20 year period, and carbon emission savings, which is all specific to your business - and allows you to make a decision with confidence and ease.

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