New Developments Charging

Helping you meet legal requirements and get your new development EV ready

As more and more residents opt to drive electric cars, potential buyers will start to seek out developments that have sufficient EV charging not just for convenience but as a must-have.

Meet legal requirements and planning regulations by installing ORKA’s easy-to-use and cost-effective all-in-one electric car charging solution.


Meet planning regulations

Make your developments more desirable

Hit your net-zero goals

Future proof your developments

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Customised Solutions For Your Upcoming Developments

We can help you meet the strict planning regulations, and design an electrical vehicle charging infrastructure and solution that works for you and your future residents. From identifying funding options and discussing your specific requirements and goals, to reviewing your site and designing a bespoke EV solution, the ORKA team is here to support every step of the way.

Our solutions can include plot or car park charging points, for both residential and commercial environments.

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A Seamless Charging Experience

Not only is the EV hardware high quality, enabling a good experience for users, the system powering it is designed to make the management team’s lives easier.

Your residents and guests pay immediately when using your charge points, and the software allows you to manage all finances in one system with ease, with zero paperwork required.

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Visibility, Scalability and Control

With real-time, reliable reporting around charging activity, and access to an easy-to-manage system, you’re able to easily make changes with confidence.

Whether you want to add, remove or integrate charging stations or update your plans based on adoption rates or future plans for your development, you can do this independently whenever required. You are in full control, and we are here to support whenever you need us.

An all-in-one EV solution, customisable to your new development needs

Charging point installation

Charging point installation

Software and management

Software and management

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance

Consultancy and support

Consultancy and support

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