Workplace EV Charging

Support the transition to electric and provide the convenience of workplace EV charging for your employees and customers.

Reduce your carbon footprint, meet employee expectations and drive your workplace into the future by offering the convenience of electric vehicle charging for your staff and customers.

Whether you’re looking to attract and retain your workforce, achieve CSR and sustainability goals or build an additional revenue stream, there’s never been a better time to go green and install workplace EV charging.


The future is electric

By investing in workplace EV charging, you are future-proofing your business against the growing external pressures for implementing these renewable solutions. With the UK government committed to stopping the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and new hybrid cars by 2035, the increase in popularity and desire for workplace EV charging is only set to grow.

Desirable staff benefit

Added value to customers and visitors who are likely to stay longer

Demonstrate your environmental awareness and support a greener future for your business

A new revenue stream

Future-proof your business against any environmental pressures

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Free or Paid-for Car Charging For Staff and Visitors

With ORKA’s fully customisable workplace charging solution, you are in complete control of who can access and at what cost.

You have the ability to create groups, and set specific access and costs to each. You could choose to offer complimentary electric car charging for everyone, or you can choose to create a brand new revenue stream for your business by charging customers to use your workplace charging solution.

You could even reserve charge points for your team during working hours, and open them to the public outwith this to generate income.

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A Greener Competitive Advantage

Not only could complimentary EV charging for your workforce improve staff retention, it could also help you to attract the best talent in your industry by positioning you as a desirable place to work. With so many people currently or planning to own electric vehicles, workplace charging is highly a convenient added bonus that staff will appreciate.


Full Visibility and Control

Our easy-to-use chargepoint management system lets you stay in control - simply login and view in real-time activity, monitoring, usage and other analytics, at any time.

You’re in control of the pricing at all times, whether you wish to offer complimentary car charging to employees and a nominal fee to external visitors or charge a small cost to all. You’ll also have flexibility to make changes at any time, and can easily access usage and expenses in real-time.

Grant Funding For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Reduce the costs associated with fleet charge points through a government grant.

Your UK-based business could be eligible for grant funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

To learn more and apply, click here.


An all-in-one EV solution, customisable to your workplace needs

Charging point installation

Charging point installation

Software and management

Software and management

Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Consultancy and Support

Consultancy and Support

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Duncan Booth
Managing Director
Duncan Booth

"Workplace EV charging is on the rise, and it's no surprise why. From helping to achieve net-zero, to adding value to staff and visitors, adding EV charge points at your place of work can be incredibly advantageous. We are working with companies across Scotland to develop a custom charging solution for their specific needs and operations."

Why choose ORKA As Your Workplace Charging Solution?

Free installation by our expert team

Ongoing remote and on-site maintenance

Compatible with all major EV brands

24/7 customer support

The workplace charging installation process

Step 1

Get in touch

Whether you have general queries about our workplace charging solutions or would like to know more about how ORKA can work for your business, our team are on hand to help. To contact our team of experts, just click here.

Step 2

Discovery call

Once we have received your initial query, our team will be in touch to set up a discovery call where we can gain a better understanding of your business so that we can create a bespoke workplace charging solution that will meet your needs.

Step 3

Workplace site assessment

Our expert team will then visit your business premise and conduct a site assessment to better determine the workplace EV charging solution that will work best for your employees and customers. Once the assessment is complete, our team will have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities that are present within your project.

Step 4


Our team will then collaborate on designing the most effective solution for your workplace, whilst thoroughly planning the installation, operation, and maintenance of your EV charging solution.

Step 5

Commence work on-site

Once everyone is in agreement and the final plans are signed off, our team will begin work on-site.

Step 6


This final stage involves installing, integrating and activating the EV charger infrastructure with your workplace's existing systems, and ensures the equipment is safe, reliable and can be used efficiently.


This will entirely depend on the number of employees at your workplace and their intended usage of EV charging points. Our team will determine the best solution for your business to make sure you get the most for your money.

No - planning permission is not required for installing EV charging points in the UK.

The two most common types of charging points are known as AC and DC. AC charging is typically used for fast charging up to 22kW, whereas DC charging is used for rapid charging, ranging from 20kW to 400kW.

Rest assured, ORKA will be able to provide the most efficient, bespoke solutions based on your business needs and circumstances.

Electric vehicle charge point (EVCP) management software allows you to control the use of your chargers. At ORKA, our platforms utilise Fuuse software, which helps us offer a flexible platform, built to open standards and OCPP compliant hardware. With these controls, you can decide whether to keep your charge points private for employees, or be discoverable to the public. With multi-tariff options available, you can set different rates for various groups such as employees and for public use, generating additional revenue. In return, your premises would be discoverable to EV drivers, increasing your brand awareness.

Do you have more questions about workplace EV charging?

Our expert team have developed a complete list of frequently asked questions covering benefits, revenue streams, and so much more.

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