Solar PV solution for a domestic household

Project: Solar PV solution

Client: Mike Duthie, private client, domestic household

Location: Aberdeen

ORKA project lead: Duncan Booth

The project brief

Interested in solar panels for a number of years, private and domestic client Mike Duthie was aware of the benefits it would have for his home, but was unsure when the right time would be to switch, so hadn’t yet invested.

Already using green sources of energy in other aspects, Mike was keen to expand his use of this type of technology and was looking for a solar PV solution for his new home that would help save as much as possible amid soaring energy prices.

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The solution

Following an educational conversation, the ORKA team advised why the switch should be imminent to help reduce carbon emissions and lower the rising costs associated with traditional sources of energy.

Having recently moved, we were mindful to make sure the overall design was sleek and attractive for a new build house. To do this, we opted for a building integrated module and mounting system from Viridian Solar that provides a modern and aesthetic look.

For a robust energy system, we implemented it with battery storage technology and also moved existing circuits from the house’s consumer unit to an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) facility.

The outcome

The system maximises energy capture from the sun ensuring the client experiences the benefits of a 0p/kWh tariff, while the battery stores excess power, enabling the use of clean energy during inadequate daylight. Combined, the client is able to use an estimated 82% of 0p/KWh power generated, instead of 43% from solar PV modules alone.

By installing an EPS, we’ve also ensured that additional stored energy can be used in the event of grid power failure to keep on critical loads such as central heating and lights. Solar panels and battery systems are typically connected to the main grid and therefore automatically switch off during a powercut, by having an EPS in place, the system can continue to use the free energy generated and stored, helping the client to better transition to renewable energy sources and enjoy the financial benefits of it.

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“From the first conversation, to the proposal, design, changes and installation, the whole process has been really professional and the communication has been great. I’ve known Duncan for many years and his reputation and knowledge are something I can trust. Both him and his team were brilliant at answering all my questions as well as explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand.

"Our solar panels look amazing, I keep encouraging people to come and take a look and I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about solar energy solutions! I’d recommend ORKA to anyone looking to transition to a renewable energy source.”

- Mike Duthie


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