16th June, 2023

Solar panels Aberdeen - How to choose a provider

Solar panels Aberdeen - How to choose a provider

Installing solar panels to your business premises or home in Aberdeen means your building can capture natural light from the sun and convert it into clean, renewable electricity. Although an investment, solar panels are one of the few that can save you money in the long-term, as they can drastically lower your energy bills.

As everyone in Aberdeen continues to be affected by unaffordable energy costs and external pressure demands that business and homeowners find ways to reduce their carbon emissions, this has created an optimal opportunity to invest in this renewable energy solution.

To help you find a solution that meets your requirements, we’ve broken down some of the key things you need to consider when looking for a solar panel provider in Aberdeen.

Reputation matters

It’s always important to listen to what other customers are saying about Aberdeen’s solar panel providers, as reviews, testimonials and case studies tend to give a sufficient indication into the experience you can expect from the business.

As more people in Aberdeen invest in solar panels, there tends to be a rise in the number of businesses providing renewable energy services, so it’s vital that you invest your money in a provider with a proven reputation.

To get a better understanding of the experience you’ll have with ORKA, we recommend reading this short case study for a solar panel solution for a domestic household in Aberdeen where the customer mentioned, “From the first conversation, to the proposal, design, changes and installation, the whole process has been really professional and the communication has been great.”.

First impressions count

We recommend you really consider the first impression you get when contacting a solar panel provider in Aberdeen, as this often represents the level of customer service you can expect throughout the installation process.

Why not try sending an email or giving a call to a solar panel provider, and assess the quality of service that you receive? You should ask yourself:

  • Was the company’s response prompt, friendly and helpful?

  • Was it transparent about its products and pricing?

If it isn’t ticking the above boxes, then you shouldn’t hold your breath for a seamless installation process. To contact our team of experts, and to get a better understanding of our level of customer service,please click here.

You can trust in accreditations

You should look out for solar panel providers in Aberdeen who have been awarded certain accreditations. A great example of this is the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), as this is an internationally recognised quality and safety scheme for solar energy technologies.

The MCS certification is a mark of product quality and proof of competence which informs customers of the experience they can expect from the provider. ORKA’s solar panel solutions are accredited, which gives our customers peace of mind knowing they can rely on the highest standard of service.

Choose local

If your business premises or household is in Aberdeen, then we highly recommend partnering with a local solar panel provider. For one, customers can benefit from the local knowledge of providers who should be aware of the regulations, permitting procedures and incentives relative to Aberdeen.

As well as this, a local provider will likely have expertise in the best type of solar panels for Aberdeen’s climate, and the optimal orientation for the panel’s exposure to natural sunlight.

By choosing to partner with ORKA and by supporting your local economy, customers will benefit from a personalised and quicker installation process than if they were to choose a provider outside the region.

Comprehensive installation process

You should enquire about the solar panel provider’s design and installation process to get an understanding of how long it will take, if they’ll subcontract any of the installation, and if the work will be disruptive - this factor is particularly important to consider if you're looking for solar panels to be installed at a workplace in Aberdeen.

ORKA has already helped an array of domestic and commercial clients in Aberdeen transition to this renewable energy source, using bespoke installation processes that are tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers with an aim of avoiding disruption.

Product quality

Not all solar panels are designed to the same level of quality, as efficiency, durability and aesthetics can vary from set-up to set-up. Providers of solar panel systems in Aberdeen should be able to give you a detailed breakdown of their products so you are aware exactly what you are investing in, and what you can expect to get out of your set-up.

ORKA has a proven history of delivering best-in-class solar panel set-ups to business and homeowners across the north-east of Scotland. To find out more about our services, please click here.

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