9th October, 2023

ORKA educates landlords on installing EV chargers: grants available until March 2024

ORKA educates landlords on installing EV chargers: grants available until March 2024

In response to increasing interest and enquiries from landlords about electric vehicle (EV) charging points, our team has shed light on the current landscape of EV charger installation in rental and leasehold properties. While landlords currently have no legal obligation to install EV chargers, there are grants available until March 2024, making it an opportune time to explore these solutions.

As the world moves towards a greener and more sustainable future, EV charging infrastructure plays a pivotal role in supporting the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions. Recognising this trend, ORKA has actively engaged with landlords to address ESG compliance and sustainable energy management needs.

Scott McLaughlin, a local Estates Manager, emphasised the importance of considering EV charging solutions, stating: "Choosing ORKA means utilising a local EV installer to deliver a no-frills product that blends in seamlessly with any environment. ORKA's fast response to any queries and follow-up actions ensure that busy Estates Managers need not fret over any environmental commitments."

To support the installation of EV chargers, two grants are available for commercial and residential landlords, including social housing providers. These grants aim to facilitate the adoption of EV charging infrastructure and support the necessary building and installation work.

The EV Charge Point Grant helps cover the installation cost, offering landlords either £350 or 75% off the cost to purchase and install a socket, whichever is lower. This grant supports up to 200 grants per year for residential properties and up to 100 for commercial properties.

The EV Infrastructure Grant assists with the cost of broader building and installation work required to accommodate multiple EV charge points. Depending on the number of parking spaces the work covers, landlords could receive up to £30,000 or 75% off the required work cost. This grant allows for up to 30 grants per year for installations in residential car parks.

Duncan Booth, Director of ORKA, says: "ESG compliance is becoming increasingly important in the property sector, and we want to empower landlords to embrace sustainable energy practices.”

If you’re a landlord interested in installing EV charge points, and would like costing information and guidance, please contact the ORKA team for expert advice and personalised assistance.

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