13th December, 2023

Meet two customers that have benefitted from solar panels in Aberdeen

Meet two customers that have benefitted from solar panels in Aberdeen

A 100% clean and renewable source of energy, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have seen a surge in popularity over recent years due to their energy efficiency capabilities and decrease in cost. And with energy costs continuing to fluctuate up and down the UK, there has never been a better time to invest in solar solutions.

Introducing solar panels to your home or business in Aberdeen could not only drastically reduce your carbon footprint, but also allow you to see significant ROI by saving money on your energy costs.

We caught up with some of our customers in Aberdeen who opted to purchase solar panels from ORKA, to discuss the benefits that solar energy has had on their homes following installation.

Client: Magdalene Slane, Private Client

Location: Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Magdalene Slane, another ORKA private domestic client living in Aberdeen, had conducted some research on the benefits of solar energy and was eager to make the investment prior to retirement, motivated by the potential energy savings she could make.

Magdalene had already investigated her options and was well informed with regards to solar panel function and installation before contacting ORKA and was also keen to purchase a solar panel that looked aesthetically pleasing. After researching a range of suppliers, Magdalene contacted us to install her solar panels and immediately felt reassured that we would provide a high-quality, professional service.

Magdalene has highlighted that her experience with ORKA has been extremely positive, in particular the neat workmanship of our team and effective communication throughout the whole process. Since installation, Magdalene has stated that she regularly checks the online charts and statistics that are monitoring her energy usage and cost savings and she is amazed by the results. She has noticed immediate benefits following her transition to cleaner energy and has recommended both solar PV and ORKA to her friends and family.

Solar panels in Stonehaven

What did Magdalene say about her solar solution in Aberdeen?

“We have been so pleased with the whole experience, particularly the respect shown to our home and the neat workmanship by the team at ORKA. We are a little addicted to the online stats and charts recording our energy usage and savings, and have seen immediate, positive results.”

Client: Mike Duthie, Private Client

Location: Aberdeen

Our private domestic client Mike Duthie had an existing interest in solar panel installation prior to contacting ORKA and was aware of the energy-saving benefits solar panels would provide.

Mike had looked into solar solutions a number of years ago before their spike in popularity but was eager to expand on his contribution to cleaner, greener electricity as energy bills continued to soar. After noticing several unsightly solar PV systems across Aberdeen, aesthetics was a key factor he wanted to consider in addition to the energy efficiency capabilities.

The ORKA team was able to provide a specific solution to fit Mike’s needs including a sleek and modern system suiting the overall look of Mike’s new build home. Effective communication was maintained throughout the process of installing the system from start to finish, from initial consultation through to the proposal, design, changes, installation and invoicing.

Mike was delighted with his transition to renewable energy and has highlighted many benefits following his solar PV installation, including a feeling of freedom when it comes to his everyday energy usage. Mike’s particular system also allows for additional battery storage, providing a backup of energy in the event of a power failure as well as maximising low-carbon energy captured from the sun - saving even more costs on energy bills.

Domestic solar panel installation

What did Mike say about his solar solution in Aberdeen?

“The whole process prior to, during and after our solar panel installation has been really professional. Although it’s early days, it’s been great not having to be so conscious of usage and any questions I had for the ORKA team were answered in a way that I never felt stupid asking them. We also appreciated that ORKA didn’t oversell on something we don’t currently need, but have ensured we have options later if we want.”

The staggering rise of energy costs across the country has further proven the need for renewable solutions in 2023, with our customers noticing immediate benefits after installation. With a proven track record of delivering effective solar panels to a variety of customers in Aberdeen, we are on hand to discuss our range of solar solutions to suit your needs from efficiency and durability to aesthetics.

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