13th June, 2023

Everything you need to know about workplace EV charging

Everything you need to know about workplace EV charging

The future is electric, and by investing in workplace EV charging solutions, you are future-proofing your business against the ever-growing external pressures for businesses to invest in renewable technologies.

As the UK government aims to stop the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and new hybrid cars by 2035, the desire from both employees and customers for EV charging points is only set to increase.

In this blog post, we dissect the many benefits of electric vehicle charging and why now is the best time for businesses to invest in this renewable technology.

Benefits of workplace EV charging

Environmental impact

By investing in workplace EV charging, businesses will be encouraging their employees to make the switch to electric vehicles while reducing their own carbon footprint and emissions.

Organisations can show their commitment to protecting the environment by making this investment, electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions which means they’ll be helping reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions typically associated with traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Revenue stream

With ORKA’s fully customisable workplace EV charging solutions, businesses are in complete control of who can access their system and at what cost.

If businesses choose to offer free vehicle charging, they may see a rise in employee satisfaction as this is an increasingly sought after benefit. Businesses may also find it easier to encourage employees to join the transition to electric vehicles.

If your business relies on attracting the public to your premises, for example in the retail and hospitality sectors, having EV charge points can help to increase your revenue - as you’ll attract more visitors and customers may be more likely to stay longer if they are able to charge their vehicle.

Businesses can also choose to introduce EV charging on a paid-for basis which can open a brand new revenue stream. With ORKA, organisations even have the option to create groups and set specific access and costs to each - for example, businesses may wish to reserve charge points for their employees during working hours and open them to the public outside this time to generate income.

ORKA workplace EV charging in Aberdeen

Meet the demand and stay ahead of the competition

As the UK government has set a target of phasing out the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, this will likely lead to the increase in demand for electric vehicles as well as workplace EV charging. This rise in demand is evident within the UK as the total number of public electric vehicle charging devices installed rose by 8% from July to October 2022.

To aid this rise in demand and to encourage more business to install workplace EV charging, the UK government has introduced several initiatives including the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), which provides financial support to eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations with their installation costs.

Major businesses across the UK have joined the transition to electric vehicles, including a household name supermarket which recently celebrated a target of 600 stores offering EV charging. After installing over 2,400 EV charging bays which have been used over 6,000,000 times already, the supermarket has reportedly saved more than 24,000 tonnes of CO2.

ORKA workplace EV charging

Installation process

By choosing ORKA to help with your workplace EV charging solution, your company will benefit from a seamless installation process led by our team of experts. Here’s an overview of our streamlined process, and how we’re helping companies across the UK transition to electric…

1. Get in touch

The first step is for you to get in touch! Whether you have general queries or would like to know how ORKA’s bespoke solutions can work for your business, our team is on hand to help. To contact us, please click here.

2. Discovery call

Once we have received your initial query, a member of our team will be in touch to gain a better understanding of your business so that we can design a tailored workplace charging solution that will meet your every need.

3. Workplace site assessment

Our experts will then visit your premises and conduct a site assessment to better determine a solution that works best for both your employees and customers. The assessment is essential for our team to understand the challenges and opportunities present within your project.

4. Design

After the assessment, our team will develop the most effective EV charging solution for your workplace.

5. Commence work on-site

Once we have completed the design phase and have planned the installation, operation and maintenance of your solution, our team will begin work on-site.

6. Onboarding

This final step involves integrating the EV charger infrastructure with your workplace’s existing systems. From there, your business will be able to offer workplace EV charging safely and efficiently.

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